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Development in Doolan Canyon


Doolan Canyon comprises the majority of the greenbelt between Dublin and Livermore. Made up of open space and ranches, it is mostly undeveloped and home to an array of threatened and endangered animals and plants.


Current Proposal

Pacific Union Homes is proposing to build up to 1990 homes, dozens of other buildings, and a network of roads on 1450 acres in Doolan Canyon. The site is immediately adjacent to the Doolan Canyon-Tassajara Hills Regional Preserve, owned by the East Bay Regional Park District (photos).

Dublin is the only jurisdiction that could approve the development without first going to voters to change an urban growth boundary (UGB). Livermore, Pleasanton and Alameda County all have urban growth boundaries. Dublin's western boundary is defined by a UGB, but one was never enacted on Dublin's eastern boundary.

Dublin is poised to go to LAFCO within about a year to ask to place the land within its sphere of influence, the first step before annexation.

FOL Position

Friends of Livermore has joined with a coalition of community groups to respond to the proposed development in Doolan Canyon. The coalition includes Greenbelt Alliance, Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, Friends of the Vinyards, Tri-Valley Conservancy, and the Friends of Livermore.

The coalition is firmly united in its desire to keep Doolan Canyon in a rural state and to halt Dublin's eastern expansion into greenbelt territories. Without an eastern Urban Growth Boundary, Dublin's runaway eastern sprawl is a threat not only to Doolan Canyon, but potentially also to North Livermore Valley (which, like Doolan Canyon, is unincorporated Alameda County territory).

We urge our supporters to study this issue further at Save Doolan Canyon.

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