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Friends of Livermore is pleased to endorse and recommend to voters

  • Bob Carling for Livermore City Council

  • Bob Coomber for Livermore City Council

  • R E S P O N S I V E   L E A D E R S H I P   F O R   L I V E R M O R E

    Bob Carling

    Candidate's Statement

    Bob Coomber

    Candidate's Statement

    Friends of Livermore is a community group dedicated to preventing sprawl, preserving open space and promoting the downtown, cultural arts and wine country and in doing so, defining Livermore as a vibrant quality community. Livermore is indeed a special place to live and work. Preservation of important open space and agricultural land in eastern Alameda County through the Urban Growth Boundary, is a key cornerstone of what makes Livermore special. Over many decades FOL has worked to establish and protect the UGB and been active in council elections to elect candidates who support the same views.

    In more recent times FOL has supported the revitalization of downtown and the emergence of a culturally rich inner core.

    This election is critical. Because of their unwavering commitment to the Urban Growth Boundary and their dedication to ensuring that the views of the Livermore community are heard and addressed in the downtown development project as it moves forward, Friends of Livermore strongly endorses Bob Coomber and Bob Carling. Both are long time, highly qualified Livermore residents, each having had a distinguished career complemented by significant service to the community. These individuals share the value system supported by Friends of Livermore over many years.

    To preserve our open space and to get the downtown development project Livermore needs, it is essential that Bob Coomber and Bob Carling be elected to the City Council.

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